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Are you looking for a clinical hypnotherapist? One that uses rapid techniques? Do you want swift and permanent relief from your painful problem. If you answered ‘Yes’, then I could be the hypnotherapist for you! I do not go digging into your past or analyse events.  I don’t have to know the fine details of what your problem is in order to help you shift it.  You could say to me “Phobia” and we can shift it.  You may say “Anxiety” and it will be worked on.  You might say “Childhood abuse” and we can address it.  You get the idea; I just need a ‘title’ for your problem and I help you remove its effects on you.

A lot of the work that I do can be done in a very light trance or not in a trance at all.

Responsive Hypnotherapy© is an extremely powerful and very quick treatment, so, if you want to get your matter sorted ASAP, then just give me a call on 07785 292555 and we can arrange an appointment. This therapy is a complete, whole mind-body process.  It is fully psychosomatic in its effects, and is based on science (Not out of date psychological dogma). Your trigger to any negative problem will be moved/removed during the treatment, and a new positive and powerful anchor will be built.  You will be able to use this new tool for the rest of your life. Just imagine how great it would feel to be able to face all your problems in the future and destroy them before they grow out of control.

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