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Try It Tuesdays: Your Eye Health Products Explained

Ever been curious about a specific eye related product like eye drops or eye bags? Ever wondered what’s so special about these specific items? Ever wanted the team at Dixey CB to make videos about them? Well if you answered some of these questions with yes we have a surprise for you. TRY IT TUESDAYS is our way of showcasing some of the health care products we sell at Dixey CB Opticians. Simply make your way over to the EYE HEALTH page via the right navigation menu on our website and scroll down a bit to find some helpful videos for your perusal.  (or follow this link to the page )

Dirk talks about Systane Unit Dose drops for dry eye and contact lens wearers

Morgan describes Theoloz artifical tear film drops for dry irritated eyes and contact lens wearers

Heather talks you through using the Optase eye bag for tired eyes!


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